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This product is a range of premium quality anti-wearhydraulic fluids.
The economical operation of a hydraulic system is dependent on the correct hydraulic oil being used. Many modern machines use hydraulic oils for the transmission of power from one component to another. This method is used in industry in areas such as Engineering Machine Shops, where large numbers of small moving parts have to be provided with power from one main source, Hydraulic Presses which are used to shape, extrude or stamp metals under high pressures and Hydraulic Jacks which are used to lift heavy loads.
This product range of hydraulic fluids are manufactured from highly refined base oils, which have good oxidation resistance lowering the possibility of gums and lacquers, which would prevent the moving of the working parts. They contain carefully selected additives such as anti-oxidant; anti-corrosion to protect the system from corrosion should water be present and anti-wear to reduce wear in rotary pumps used in hydraulic systems.