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This product is top high performance motor oil designed to provide the motorists with a lubricant which will keep clearly ahead of the emerging generation of higher performance, more sophisticated engine designs, many of which are turbo charged.


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High performance multi-grade engine oil, meeting thelatest API classifications.
Present day motor engineering and motoringconditions have necessitated the rapid advancement inlubricant design and performance.
This product is a new generation multi-grade engine oilmanufactured from carefully selected base oils and thevery latest additive technology. It meets the majorityof the latest engine manufacturers requirements andspecifications. It can be confidently supplied for mostmixed fleet applications. Superior dispersant additiveshelp maintain engine cleanliness in the latest petrolengines and the latest detergent additives help reduceunwanted deposits in turbo charges and on pistons

Tappco is an independent company in Sudan specialized in lubricants supplier since 1996, Tappco has a technical service agreement with EXOL lubricants ltd, United Kingdom (the largest independent lubricant company in UK)

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