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This product is a multi-purpose automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for commercial and passenger car gearboxes meeting a very wide range of specifications.

The automatic transmission is one of the most complicated mechanisms in modern automotive engineering and consequently requires complex fluids for efficient operation.

This product is manufactured from premium synthetic base stocks and high quality solvent refined base oils with specially selected additives and friction modifiers to produce a lubricant with outstanding durability. It demonstrates excellent frictional stability and offers extended fluid life even when under the most

GEAR OIL GL5 (90-140-250-80W90-85W140)

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These products manufactured from high quality base oils and high levels of extreme pressure (EP) additives to provide a lubricant with outstanding anti wear protection. They are designed to cope with the increasing demands of today’s motoring conditions, which include high shock/load, high/torque, and high/speed service conditions.

These products are universal extreme pressure gear oils meeting the API performance level GL-5. Also meeting the most severe demands of hypoid final drive gears. It is also suitable for use in spiral bevel axles, steering and manual gearboxes.

HARVEST UTTO (10W30-15W40)

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Harvest UTTO is a modern Universal Tractor Transmission Oil for transmissions, hydraulics, final drives and wet brake systems for agricultural and construction machinery. The very latest agricultural machinery in the modern intensive farming environment needs the protection of a high quality lubricant. Multi-purpose oils are a good compromise but many manufacturers have realised the benefits of using lubricants specifically designed for a given application.


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A range of heavy-duty power transmission, final drive fluids and hydraulic fluids.

The range of T0-4 products have been formulated using high quality base oils and specially approved metallic and non metallic friction modifying performance additives to meet the exacting requirements of the Caterpillar T0-4 specification. They offer outstanding oxidation stability and improve the frictional and gear wear levels when compared to previous standards.

Tappco is an independent company in Sudan specialized in lubricants supplier since 1996, Tappco has a technical service agreement with EXOL lubricants ltd, United Kingdom (the largest independent lubricant company in UK)

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